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Issue 9: Environment


Image of Issue 9: Environment
  • Image of Issue 9: Environment
  • Image of Issue 9: Environment

Order our final issue of Consented magazine focusing on the environment. This magazine features 100 pages of art and illustration with three sections; Decolonising Environmentalism, Not So Green Capitalism & Towards Environmental Salvation.

---Decolonising Environmentalism---

Olivia Francis-Cornibert - Climate Change and the Global South
Majandra Rodriguez Acha - A vision for systematic climate justice
Maria Alejandra Escalante R. - Colombia on edge: peace to truce, like development to extractivism
Alexandra Kelbert - System change, not climate change: Unpacking the slogan we take for granted
Ama Josephine Budge - Watching the Channel

---Not so green capitalism---

Sai - Systems not individuals
Nick Buxton - Betting on a crash- Confronting those speculating in our future
Fossil Free Culture NL - Disobedience Against Artwashing
Pascoe Sabido - What about the workers?
Qaisar Siddiqui - Between Cassandra and Noah: Illusions of Nobility and Survival in a Warming World

---Towards Environmental Salvation---

Amit Singh -Vegan by 2020, Maybe?
Maddy Winters - Climate, Capitalism & Gender
Daniel Voskoboynik - The Hollowness of “We”
Nathan Thanki - No such thing as a good COP
Co-Editors - Beyond Superficial Climate Solutions