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Issue 8: Science & Surveillance


Image of Issue 8: Science & Surveillance

Issue 8 of Consented focuses on Science & Surveillance. This features over 100 pages of artwork and articles exploring three core themes; Race & Science, Surveillance & Technology, Science & Hope.


1. Race, Colonialism & Science

Laurence Antao - It’s [not] in their DNA
Amit Singh - Race isn’t real and it isn’t science
Rohan Deb Roy - Decolonise Science - Time to End Another Imperial Era
Stephanie Davis, Rachel Liebert, and Tehseen Noorani - Decolonising Dis-ease: Feeling our way through intergenerational melancholia, shame and fragility

2. Surveillance & Technology

Lisa Fratini - Mama, Am I Post-human?
Maddy Winters - US Imperialism in the Philippines
FM Dempsey - Tech and The Left: Pitfalls and Possibilities
Ru Kaur - The power to be unseen
Amna Shaddad - How imperialism facilitates our technological innovation
Naomi Colvin - The UK’s Surveillance State
Mike Pope - The Joe Rogan Experience

3. Science and Hope

Ishan Khurana - Science for the Many
Qaisar Siddiqui - Pale Blue Dots and Golden Records: The Despair and Hope of Voyager
Matt Pope - Bacteria, Energy & Human Survival
Zak Suffee - My Journey Through Space
Co-Editors - Beyond the Cabin in the Woods