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Issue 6: Resistance


Image of Issue 6: Resistance

Issue 6 of our quarterly magazine was out in April 2018 and focuses on the broad theme of Resistance. It features more than 100 pages of art, essays, interviews and more exploring historical social movements, contemporary personal struggles, what it means to resist and even dreams for a better tomorrow!



Sai Englert - Corbyn, Resistance and Retreat.
Kai-Isaiah Jamal - Trans Boys Bodies Can Break Too
Martin Hasani - Against Doctor's Orders; Intersex Affirmation As Resistance
Molly Walsh - Queer resistance in the climate movement.
Simona Getova - From resistance to revolution - the anti-mining struggle of the Macedonian southeast
Resis’Dance interview

Reimagining Resistance

Dorett Jones - She Was I Was
Mike Pope - Reading As Resistance
Gracie Mae Bradley and Silkie Carlo - Data is the new oil
Maddy Winters - Tempering dissent: A critique of the non-profit industrial complex
Lia Latchford - As Safe as Houses?
Noelie X - Where we resist affects how we resist

A better tomorrow

Sita Balani - One of our Own
Marai Larasi on Hopes, Dreams and Freedom
Kelsey M - Solidarity Not Fragility: Your fear of being racist is making you racist
Ru Kaur - Organizing as Abolitionists
Deniz Karaca - Resist to Exist: Or the other way around
Consented co-editors - What does it mean to resist?